Simsbury Free Library Quarterly

Some Services in 18th Century Simsbury

Volume 6 Issue 4 Winter 1999-2000

David Phelps Jr.’s Profitable Sidelines

If a newcomer to Simsbury in 1775 had asked David Phelps Jr. what he did for a living in addition to farming, he would have told the man about the many enterprises that brought him extra income. “Oh, I do a lot of fetching and carting,” he might have begun. His account book, inherited from his father David Phelps Sr. in 1760, records an active transport business. Townspeople relied on Phelps to haul all manner of things for them and they also rented his team of oxen, sometimes with a cart or sled, to do their own hauling.

Locating Ancestors’ Naturalization Records

Volume 6 Issue 3 Fall 1999

And What You Can Expect When You Find Them

For those with immigrant ancestry, the usual object of a genealogical search is to determine the place of birth. For the purpose of this discussion, an immigrant is one who arrived in the United States after 1789. Colonial immigration is not the subject at hand. There are two government-related documents that may provide a place of birth. These are immigration records and naturalization records, otherwise known respectively as passenger arrival records and citizenship records. This article will deal with the latter.

William Phelps Eno Plaque Installed

Volume 6 Issue 2 Summer 1999

Symbol of the Eno Foundation for Transportation

Something new has been added to the Simsbury Free Library building this summer. A five-foot square plaque is now attached to the southeast corner of the building facing the parking area. This impressive high relief sculptural piece depicts the seal of the Eno Foundation for Transportation.

The Stanclift Legacy

Volume 6 Issue 1 Spring 1999

Gravestones in Simsbury Center Cemetery

One of the early gravestone carvers in Simsbury was James Stanclift Jr. His grandfather James Stanclift, who was born near the town of Halifax in Yorkshire, England, came to Connecticut about 1684. He eventually founded the Stanclift Brownstone Quarry.

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