Farmington Canal Maps

In partnership with canal expert Carl E. Walter, the Simsbury Free Library (SFL) has published nine maps of the Farmington Canal. The map series includes one for each of the towns through which the canal once ran: New Haven, Hamden, Cheshire, Southington, Plainville, Farmington, Avon, Simsbury and Granby. Each map notes the various features that still remain or were once there (e.g., culverts, bridges, locks, etc.).

The reverse side of each map provides a narrative about the need for the canal, the construction and financing of the canal, the challenges running the canal, and the reasons for its demise. Also included is a canal topic unique to each map: tolls, road and farm bridges, locks, waste weirs, canal boats, aqueducts, canal basins, culverts, dams, and feeders. Each map features 10 town-specific photos of the canal and its features, many of them taken in the 1930s.

Maps may be purchased online with a credit card using PayPal, at the Simsbury Free Library during regular hours, or by mail. Click here to download a printable order form.

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