Simsbury Free Library Quarterly

A Treasure-Trove from the 18th Century

Volume 5 Issue 4 Winter 1998-99

Extensive Research Project Begun

Some of us at the Simsbury Genealogical and Historical Research Library have long been aware of the existence of numerous account books kept by Simsbury citizens in the 1700s. After analyzing one for a graduate school paper, I realized that these ledgers, written with quill pens in quaint scribbles and flourishes, are an almost untapped source of much information about the town’s colonial citizens. Now SGHRL researchers under my direction have begun a formal study of these invaluable relics of the 18th century.

Descendants By the Millions

Volume 5 Issue 3 Fall 1998

“Some 30 million American can validly claim to be descended from the 23 families who lived through the first winter after the Mayflower landed.” This intriguing statement, attributed to Mr. Tweed Roosevelt, can be found in the June/July issue of Civilization, the magazine published by the Library of Congress.

How many persons alive today do you think are descended from the first settlers of Simsbury? A brief survey of A Record and Documentary History of Simsbury by Lucius I. Barber yielded 53 different surnames among the 74 heads of households known to have settled within the ancient town boundaries between 1664 and 1700. Not surprisingly, many of the people from all over the United States who come into this library to research their family history begin by saying, “My ancestors came from Simsbury.”

From the Editor’s Desk

Volume 5 Issue 2 June 1998

I can remember the first day I walked in to the Simsbury Genealogical and Historical Research Library in 1992. New to town and looking to pick up the threads of my genealogical research, I had stumbled upon this marvelous facility. Dee Depuis was serving as Librarian and quickly oriented me to the Library and helped me get back on track with my research. Suddenly, I had a connection with our new town and learned that my Hutchins family had been in Simsbury in the 1840’s.

From the Chairman’s Desk

Volume 5 Issue 1 March 1998

The Trustees of the Simsbury Free Library are delighted to announce the celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of the Simsbury Genealogical and Historical Research Library. Many of you have been with us from the start and lived through our growing pains, but let’s do a quick review for new, and hopefully, interested members.

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