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In past issues of the Simsbury Free Library’s Quarterly newsletter, we have included queries from our members.  Do you have a question about the house you live in?  A missing piece in your genealogy chart?  A question about Simsbury history?  An old picture of Simsbury you are trying to place?  Send an email to programs@simsburyfreelibrary.org with a picture and/or question and we will post it on our new Lost and Found Blog.

Here is our first request for information:

John Sandoval is looking for information about the house at 1001 Hopmeadow Street.  Here is what he has learned: On September 15, 1916, a parcel of land (“1 acre more or less” -from original deed) and 1001 Hopmeadow (Hop Meadow or North Main Street)  was purchased from James E. Hamilton by Grace G. Lamb…casual research at this point reveals that the transaction included the acre of land along with this home reported as including “10 rooms.”  William Pollard Lamb had the home renovated  and subsequently two more homes were built on each side. Any information is appreciated, but in particular, knowledge about the architect that designed the home for James Hamilton and the names of the carpenters/craftsmen as well as those involved in the Lamb’s renovation would be most appreciated. If you have any information, please contact John at jsandoval@westminster-school.org.  You may also comment on this post for others to see.

Let us know what you think of this idea!


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