A Research Trip to England #2

Volume 19 Issue 4, Winter 2012-13

Part 2: The Trip and Back at Home

The trip itself began on an auspicious note. The volcano in Iceland erupted about the time we were boarding our plane in Newark, but our flight was released to many cheers after waiting on the tarmac for twohours. When we landed in Bristol, the airport closed behind us.

On the first four days, Jon and Elaine Ayres and several of their friends introduced us to the sights and pubs of Somerset, Devon, and Dorset. It was lambing season, and the patchwork fields were filled with youngsters that actually gamboled. We learned the thrill of meeting lorries on narrow roads between towering hedgerows. We hiked along the southern coast cliffs by the English Channel. We had local beer and learned to play skittles. We went to a car boot sale and wandered around an old manor house. Elaine served a cream tea.

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