Simsbury Free Library Quarterly

Memories of the Ketchins of Tariffville

Volume 17  Issue 4  Winter 2010

Part I: Builders in Stone and Quarrymen

Three generations of men in the Ketchin family worked on most, if not all, of the brownstone constructed in Simsbury and the surrounding towns from the 1850’s through the 1920’s.  They built the Ensign -Bickford buildings in Simsbury and Avon, the Simsbury United Methodist Church, the former High School that is now the Simsbury Town Hall, the former tobacco warehouse that is now the volunteer firefighter building in the Tariffville section of Simsbury…

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The Eno Family from Their Origins in France to the Present

Volume 17   Issue 3  Fall 2010

Part II:  Into the 20th Century

In Part I, we shared the unpublished typescript of Abigail Eno Ellsworth’s records compiled between 1940 and 1947.  Her records, along with those of Henry Lane Eno, gave us the full story of the earliest recorded lives of the family as they moved from France/Belgium to England and finally to America in 1648.

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The Eno Family From Their Origins in France to the Present

 Volume 17  Issue 2  Summer 2010

Part I:  The Late Middle Ages to the Early 19th Century

The first of this two-part series is taken verbatim from “The Eno Family and Reminiscences of Abigail Eno Ellsworth”.  This unpublished typescript of records compiled by Mrs. Ellsworth between 1940 and 1947 has bee donated to the Simsbury Free Library by Jackson F. Eno.

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Simsbury History is Saved and Told

Volume 17 Issue 1  Spring 2010

The Town’s First Three Histories

A headline in the Hartford Courant in 1913 told this remarkable story: “STATE LIBRARY HAS ROLL OF MINUTE MEN, List of Simsbury Volunteers of 1776 Found in Dump Heap.”  The article explained that about thirteen years before Lucius W. Bigelow, who has a place in Simsbury history as its last tin peddler and a veteran of the Civil War, heard that a refuse pile in the backyard of a house in the Weatogue section of Simsbury was going to be burned.  He asked for it to be turned over to him and spent time over two years picking through it.

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