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Lockwood Migrations

Volume 10 Issue 4, Winter 2003-04

Tracing One Lockwood Family Line

When researching a family that came to the New World many generations ago, one inherent challenge is tracking its movements within this continent. This country’s early settlers often settled in more than one place. Englishman Robert Lockwood and his descendants, who now have reached the 13th generation in America, are typical of many families whose members began in New England, journeyed forth to open Western lands, then found a home in New England again.

The Connecticut Historical Society’s Genealogy Collection

Volume 10 Issue 3, Fall 2003

Third of a Three-Part Series on the CHS Collections

Very early in his forty-seven year tenure as Librarian of the Connecticut Historical Society, Albert Carlos Bates had the foresight to recognize the significance of genealogy in the Society’s library. In 1893 Bates implemented the purchase of the D.W. Patterson library, thus establishing a core genealogical collection on which the Society has continuously built.

Genealogy and Historical Manuscripts

Volume 10 Issue 2 , Summer 2003

Second in the Series on the Connecticut Historical Society Collections

The prize collection of the Connecticut Historical Society is the historical manuscript collection. It was instituted in 1839 when CHS established quarters over the store of Humphrey and Seyms on Hartford’s Main Street and began actively collecting historical materials. The collection comprises manuscript materials from the 17th through 20th centuries generated by Connecticut citizens as they went about their lives.

The Connecticut Historical Society and Its Collections

Volume 10 Issue 1, Spring 2003

Part One: An Overview

On May 25, 2003, the Connecticut Historical Society celebrated its 178th birthday. CHS is the seventh oldest historical society in the nation and it is believed to be the oldest in Connecticut. It is an institution that can take pride not only in its own history, but also in the role it has played in chronicling the history of Connecticut and its people.

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